5 Things to Think About Before Building a Pool

Getting a pool is a big decision and one that you’ve probably been thinking about for some time.  But your decisions don’t end once you have a vision for your pool in mind. In fact, that’s only the beginning of the things you’ll need to consider.

Why do you want a pool?

Before engaging anyone to start the pool building process, think about how you want to use your pool and where you’ll position it in your backyard. While magazines and Pinterest can be a great place to start to get inspiration, it’s important to define the different areas of your own yard and how you use them.

Brandon Wallis from Site Design Studios says, “It’s all about purpose of space. Every last centimetre of your backyard has a purpose and once you understand what that is, design is easy”.

Once you have an idea of what you’d like, we can go through the process of approval to see what is achievable and what’s not.

Is it really more than just digging a hole?

Every site is different and they all pose different challenges to getting a pool approved and built. The pool building process can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on your site and the approval process.

Decide how much of the approval process you want to do yourself and get a good understanding of your site and its potential limitations. Some of the things to consider are:

  • Zoning and planning requirements;
  • Trees within 3m of the pool location;
  • Easements on your property; and,
  • Aaccess to your site.

And before you commit to anything, take a look at your quote and make sure you understand what is and isn’t included.

Is your pool forming part of a larger landscape renovation?

Efficiency is key, both for a smooth pool build and to minimise costs later on.

If building your pool is stage one of a larger backyard renovation then talk to your pool builder about your plans. If we’ve designed the landscaping as part of the pool build then we can  knock over the whole lot at once.

But more often it’s a staged job and provisions for future work need to be accommodated when we are building your pool.

Do you want to swim all year round?

A pool is a big investment and you’ll want to ensure you get the most out of it.

Thanks to the popularity of the plunge pool and some really awesome products on the market, heating is becoming much more efficient and affordable. Whether it be solar or an electric heat pump, we can provide options that will enable you and your family to swim all year round.

What type of water do you want to be swimming in?

It’s probably the last thing that you think of when building a pool. But it’s arguably one of the most important aspects of your pool: the water. There are a few different options when it comes to the type of water and filtration system you use. But we prefer Theralux mineral pool systems.

Maybe you experience itchy, irritated skin after swimming in a chlorine pool. It may be your children have eczema and can only swim for short periods of time in standard pools. Or you want to avoid turning your perfectly blonde hair a slight shade of green.

Whatever the reason, mineral pools definitely help enhance the swimming experience and offer so many benefits over a traditional chlorine pool:

  • Mineral pool water has little to no taste and feels smooth
  • The natural emollients help to moisturise your skin while swimming
  • Added magnesium aids muscle recovery – ideal for post-workout swims
  • Reducing the use of sodium prolongs the life of your pool equipment
  • Magnesium hydroxide is a flocculent which is a fancy way of saying it filters out tiny particles of dirt, leaving your pool crystal clear

While there’s a lot to think about before you embark on a pool building project, a little time spent planning and researching can spare you a whole lot of issues later on. Our team are experts in building great pools (it’s what we do, after all) and we can help you through each stage.

Source: cronullapools.com