Selling Tips

  1. Get The Best Shot: When taking photos of your home, be sure they are from the best angle. If you can, take your photos during the summer,. Additional photos of the rest of your home are also helpful.
  2. Use Your Space: Make sure you have used each space in your home to its full potential without looking overcrowded or cramped.
  3. Don’t Over Do It: Do not remodel or decorate your entire property just before you sell your home. Potential buyers may feel like you are trying to hide something.
  4. Don’t Forget The Amenities: Give as much information as you can to your agent about the local amenities, transportation, schools, shopping, etc Give potential buyers as much information about the benefits of the property as possible.
  5. Disclose All Information: If you are having doubts about disclosing defects or problems within your home, err on the side of disclosure.
  6. Accommodating Potential Buyers: If you are not home when potential buyers come by, make sure your home is neat and clean. If you are home, try to retreat to one part of the home or the yard and be prepared to answer any questions and potential buyers might have.
  7. Open House: Prepare your home for an open house. Open the shades turn on the lights, light your fireplace, open the doors of larger closed areas, put clean towels in the bathroom and make sure your house smells clean as well.
  8. After The Open House: Be sure to get potential buyers positive and negative feedback from your agent. This can help you asses how your home is doing on the market, and potentially how many offers you can expect.
  9. Spending Time On The Market: If your home has been on the market a while, work with your agent to either lower the price, or wait for the market to catch up to the price by taking your home off the market until your agent feels that potential buyers would be ready to pay your price.
  10. Seek Out Professionals: Be sure to seek professional help. Having an agent who you feel comfortable with and who is looking out for your best interests is the smartest decision you can make when selling your home.