Buying Tips

  1. Stay a while: Don’t buy if you plan on moving again soon.
  2. Know your credit rating: Plan on cleaning up your credit report and doing an assessment of your financial status. Order copies of your credit report in advance to allow time to clear up any discrepancies.
  3. Take along a camera: Bring a camera with you when you are house hunting. If you don’t own a camera, buy disposable ones and label them for each of the homes you visited. After seeing a dozen homes, you may forget the one with the spectacular kitchen.
  4. Don’t worry if you can’t put down the usual 10%. Lenders have all types of options for any pocketbook.
  5. How are the schools: Buy in a district with good schools. Even if you don’t have kids, this will add to the resale value.
  6. Do your research: Before bidding, be sure to research the other homes in the area. A good agent can help you with the task.
  7. Pay attention to the original listing dates of properties, Sellers who have had their home on the market for a while may be more flexible on the price.
  8. Look for low rates: When interest rates are low consider the fixed mortgage option.
  9. Hire your own home inspector: They can help determine faults in the home.
  10. Get professional help: The right Real Estate team on your side can save you time and money.